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VMNooga: VaynerMedia’s Chattanooga Outpost


“Building the best business in town – VMNOOGA 003”

I only recently discovered via the above video that VaynerMedia has a Chattanooga outpost. For those unfamiliar with web celebrities, VaynerMedia was founded by the famous and, at times, infamous Gary Vaynerchuk and his less famous brother AJ.

Ok, I just found out about AJ when researching this post. So word is spreading buddy! However if you can get paid without being recognize everywhere you go, that’s the way to go, in my opinion.

These folks came here in 2015. Here’s a bit of backstory at and at the Times Free Press.

I find it telling that the above video quickly shifts to Atlanta which is a 2 hour drive away. Atlanta’s a major Southeastern hub and Chattanooga is well located for a low budget Atlanta outpost in reasonable proximity to the Southeast as a whole. But being in Chattanooga also allows VaynerMedia to be part of an emerging narrative of a revitalized smaller city with a trailblazing history as the Gig City.

And in many respects those are reasons I’m here as well.

You can get a look at the commute for one VMNooga employee as well as a peak at the offices in a Facebook video.

There are lots of uglier commutes featuring strip malls and the like for many Chattanoogans but if you’ve got the income you’ve got a lot of great options in Chattanooga.

New Town: Chattanooga, TN; New Blog: Chattanooga Visions

Long-time blogger Clyde F. Smith here. I’m a new Chattanooga, TN citizen.

More accurately, I’m an obsessive compulsive blogger so as a new Chattanooga citizen I have to start a Chattanooga blog and here it is!

So much more to come.

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